Agner & Wolf Brewery Co.

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AGNER & WOLF Brewery Corp. is the childhood dream of two enthusiastic people, Erwin and Nataly Agner , to own their own brewery and it has come true in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Their German roots demanded that the only way to brew beer was to follow the traditions of German brewing, particularly the Reinheitsgebot law of 1516, stating that  beer could only contain water, barley, hops, and yeast.

Their lineup represents four types of beer: Hefeweizen (Wheat beer), Altbier (Ale), Marzen (Red Lager) and Schwarzbier (Dark Lager).

The idea of creating of four types of beer was born from the natural concept of four:

– four elements (water, fire, air and soil)

– four main directions (North, South, East and West)

– four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn)

– four period of time in twenty-four hours (morning, day, evening and night)

When they imagine summer, they think about Sun, strong smells of flower and fruits, about wide fields of wheat and bees flying above and finally about a bear, which is personified their Wheat beer (Hefeweizen).

Autumn shows  its colorful outfit that reminds them of the fire in the fireplace and  the color of fox fur and  thus their second type of beer – Red Lager (Marzen).

What could be more warming than their third  beer – Dark Lager (Schwarzbier) in the winter evening? When it is so cold and dark outside, and somewhere in the dense blizzard one can hear a lone wolf howl, one should not worry at all because there is the tamed wolf in this beer glass.

And finally spring and the fourth beer (Altbier), which is represented by wise and noble animal – wild boar. Spring, especially early, does not differ a riot of colors and sounds; all of it is nice and mild, decorous and dignified. This particular finesse they wanted to give to their  Altbier, which is so easy to drink and mixes well with almost any meal.

Great German beers brewed in our backyard, you must try!

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