Beer for Thanksgiving Dinner

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The Thanksgiving feast is the best American holiday spent with friends and family. What beer goes well with Thanksgiving though? The savory flavors of the typical Thanksgiving feast: turkey, potatoes, stuffing, breads, etc. are versatile enough to pair well with most beers. So, there are many ways you could go about it. Playing it safe and getting some crowd pleasers like a Sam Adams or Long Trail 12 pack Sampler can be an easy solution for a small group. Even pulling out a couple of limited edition barrel aged Scotch ales and stouts is a great idea. The robust weight and bold flavors match nicely with the meal, and also you can one up your brother-in-law or sister’s boyfriend (we’re not judging) that he’ll do the right thing.
Belgian Saisons (farmhouse blonde ales) are probably one of the best things to bring as they invoke a farm to table mindset with their complex yet refreshing flavor profile.
Here are some wonderful products that can help you enhance your Thanksgiving feast.

Sam Adams Winter Favorites 12 Pack Bottles $16.99
Long Trail Seasonal Survival 12 Pack $13.98
Jack’s Abby Hoponious Union IPL 6 pack $11.99
Cambridge Brewing Flower Child IPA cans 6 pack $12.99
Peak Organic Maple Collaboration 22 oz. $7.99
Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale 22 oz. $7.95
Mayflower Scotch Ale 4 pack $10.99
Spencer Trappiste Blonde Ale 4 Packs $19.99
New Holland Dragon’s Milk Barrel Aged Stout 4 pack $18.99
Pretty Things Jack D’Or Saison 22 oz. $6.99
Saison Dupont 25.4 oz. $11.25
Fantome Pissenlit Dandelion Saison 25.4 oz $17.95

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