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Porter is a British style of beer introduced in the 1800s. The name is a tribute to the English transportation workers of that era who popularized this style.The are dark ales with some relation to Stout which is usually a fuller bodied version. Porters today should be low alcohol sessionable beers with a tawny brown to black color, high in flavor, particularly flavors of roasted specialty malts with low to moderate carbonation.

 Berkshire Dean’s Beans Porter:  91 Points BA Outstanding 6.2% ABV.  Very smooth with a crisp recoil, solid medium body. Lots of coffee flavor bouncing around, roasted grain enhances this dark roast character. Good balance between hops, roasted flavors and sweetness. Finishes lightly sweet with a big lingering coffee flavor.$4.95 22 oz. Bottle.

 Mayflower Porter: 100 Points BA World Class.  5.5% ABV. Mayflower delivers a very classic example of the Porter style. The low ABV makes this extremely drinkable, the bittering units are at 33 creating a good alternative for those who dislike “hoppy” beers; it finishes with the gentlest hint of smokiness. Mayflower knocks this one out of the park, brewed fresh locally and reasonably priced.$10.99 12 oz. 6 Pack

 Founder’s Porter:  95 Points BA World Class  6.5% ABV.  When it comes to dark beers  this Michigan brewery is a living legend. Many of their beers are difficult to get but their Porter is part of their everyday line up.The roasted malt character flexes its muscle meshed with some  dialed up hop notes. A lot of flavor from such an amazing American Craft Brewer, this beer will leave you satisfied every time. $12.99 12 oz. 6 Pack



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